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Ask Vegans AnythingCategory: QuestionsI really want to go vegan but I’m already quite severely underweight. Is there any way I can go vegan and still gain weight?

I really want to go vegan but I’m already quite severely underweight. Is there any way I can go vegan and still gain weight?

AvatarThemaisiemoo asked 9 months ago
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Avatarmarc6vegan answered 9 months ago

Bulk up on proteins: beans, peas, legumes, tofu, mock meats, tempeh.

AvatarMelanie answered 9 months ago

100% it isn’t an unhealthy lifestyle, look at some videos/websites to get it right 💗

AvatarSofianunes answered 9 months ago

I would say with the help of caloric ingredients as a supplement of the meal, like : dates , peanut butter, almond butter , avocados …

Avatarolivialhelton answered 9 months ago

vegan doesnt equal skinny. if you’d like to gain weight just eat more! and in this case it means eat more vegan food

AvatarIna123 answered 9 months ago

Totally i found that veganism made me enjoy food more and i tend to eat quite a lot of fatty vegetables like avocados which are good for your body and brain, ect so i would definitely say that speaking from pesonal experience i would recommend it but you have to do a test to see if it affects your health beforehand

Avatarvmagyarf answered 9 months ago

of course. go for it. I also gained weight and I could also loose weight

AvatarKrissym112 answered 3 months ago

If you want to gain weight, you need to eat more calories than you burn each day. Try calorically dense foods from plant based fats: Avocado, almond/peanut/cashew butters, seed (chia, flax, hem, pumpkin), olives, and oils. These foods have more than double the calories per gram (9g) than protein or carb (4g). You will be able to eat less food but still get double the calories.

Eat regularly (every 3-4 hours) and have balanced meals which contain protein, carbs and fat. Jack Norris RD is a vegan dietitian, check out his website for some good resources. -KK

AvatarHollylucas206 answered 2 months ago

Eat high calories foods such as nuts,nut butters, avocados etc ❤️❤️

Avatarkyleeodell0202 answered 2 months ago

I think it is important for you to ask yourself why. I 100% believe that vegan is a great thing but I’d have to know why you are under weight. Personally, I struggled with an eating disorder & my veganism helped me hide it. Of course, this is nothing against vegan Islam & real vegan Ian is not a diet. However it can be extremely harmful if you are currently struggling with food. I am currently in recovery & eat mostly vegan but am temporary incorporating poultry and products that may contain animal products. My family always buys local when we buy our poultry & I still avoid palm oil. Do what is best for you

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