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Plant-based milk sales surged 49% in Europe in the past two years

1 In 3 Brits now drink plant-based milk
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According to reports, even the global market could reach $60 billion by 2030

Sales of plant-based milks are soaring around the world, driven by a number of factors including increasing awareness of the environmental impact of dairy farming, the rise of veganism and flexitarianism, and the development of new and innovative plant-based milk products.

According to a new study by the University of Hohenheim, sales of plant-based milks in Europe surged by 49% between 2020 and 2022.

Germany led the way, with sales up 62% over the two-year period.

France, Spain, and Italy were more skeptical, with sales up 30%, 25%, and 20%, respectively. Poland faced the biggest hurdles, with sales up just 10%.

“However, the sample can only be considered representative to a limited extent,” Rebecca Hansen from the Department of Agricultural Markets at the University of Hohenheim said, “since only people who either already consumed plant-based ‘dairy products’ or were toying with the idea were included in the study. People who were not interested in it at all were not considered.”

Study findings

According to the researchers, Germans were more willing to switch to alt-milk options due to high levels of awareness about animal welfare, health, and the environment.

Additionally, they gave social and cultural norms less importance than study participants from other countries, making them more willing to try non-traditional foods.

“Of all the countries studied, Germany has the most new plant-based alternative dairy products coming to market,” Dr. Beate Gebhardt, head of AK BEST at the University of Hohenheim stated.

The study also found that curiosity was a key driver for purchasing plant-based milks across all consumer groups. The primary motivating factors included sustainability concerns and the desire for milk alternatives with better taste and variety.

Findings highlighted the importance of providing clear product information to boost sales of plant-based milks.

Researchers found that consumers were more likely to buy plant-based milks if they had access to information about the ingredients, production process, health benefits, and preparation.

Plant-based trend globally

Beyond the European landscape, the alt-dairy industry is a global phenomenon, driving innovation and shaping consumer choices worldwide.

The diversity within the “plant-based milk” category is noteworthy; various fruit-, nut-, root-, and oat-based milks cater to a range of tastes and preferences. 

Lizanne Falsetto, the founder of betterland milk, emphasizes that families often embrace multiple varieties of plant-based milks to cater to diverse preferences.

In the United States, plant-based milk’s popularity continues to surge, with 41% of households purchasing these alternatives in 2022, as reported by the National Consumer Panel. The repeat purchase rate stands at an impressive 76%, reflecting a growing fondness for the taste, nutritional benefits, and sustainability aspects of plant-based milks.

Globally, the dollar sales of plant-based milk witnessed a remarkable 6% increase in 2022, reaching a substantial $19.1 billion, according to Euromonitor. This growth is mirrored by a slightly lower increase of 3% in sales by liters. The Asia Pacific region takes the lead in terms of overall market share, while Latin America shines with the highest year-over-year growth, signifying a burgeoning interest in plant-based dietary choices.

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