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Juicy Marbles creates ‘world’s first’ plant-based pork ribs with edible vegan bones

Juicy Marbles announces ‘industry’s first’ plant-based pork ribs with edible vegan bones
Image; Juicy Marbles

The Bone-In Ribs are a vegan rib rack that comes with protein-rich bones, which can be consumed as a crunchy snack.

Juicy Marbles, the ingenious vegan food company, has unveiled a pioneering creation that promises to reshape the world of plant-based cuisine. The plant-based startup has rolled out the world’s first-ever plant-based pork ribs complete with edible vegan bones—an innovation that transcends food and immerses us in a multisensory experience.

Vegan ribs and edible bones

The story of Juicy Marbles’ latest culinary revelation traces back to a core vision—a vision of sustainability and culinary excellence

Its unwavering commitment to authenticity and nailing the texture and flavor of ribs right with plant-based ingredients led to the creation of the “Meat-o-matic Reverse Grinder TM 9000,” a proprietary technology that transforms soy proteins into rib-like textures and flavors.

The idea of edible bones was fueled by the desire to create compostable bones.

“We started off just by not wanting the bones to be garbage,” Co-founder Vladimir Mićković told The Guardian.

“My hope is that we can also infuse the bones with flavour, so you could also cook them in a broth. The most important thing is that we see how people react.”

During research the company stumbled upon the concept of edible bones, to give the rack of ribs both structure and take it beyond the limitations of animal meat.

The edible bones have the same amount of protein as beef jerky. Once baked, fried, or air-fried, these bones can be consumed as crispy and puffy snacks.

Mićković also shared that another driving factor behind the innovation was a desire to recreate the primal joys of eating ribs and the need for more ‘food culture-friendly’ plant-based foods as meat’s cultural experience goes beyond flavor and includes celebration, sharing, and belonging.

 He added: “There is a culture of celebration, sharing, and belonging around meat [and] anyone cutting down on meat can feel excluded from cultural traditions.

“That’s why we chose ribs as our next product.”

Edible bones sparks debate

The notion of edible vegan bones has sparked spirited online debates, igniting conversations that challenge norms and inspire contemplation. Mićković commented: “We’re way past that… bones invite you to eat with your hands, which is fun.” It’s more than just food—it’s a dialogue.

The path forward

The anticipation mounts as Bone-In Ribs prepare for their grand entrance.

Juicy Marbles will make its latest product available on its webshop in early 2024. Presently, the product is only available through occasional “drops” in the United States, European Union, and the United Kingdom.

According to Juicy Marbles, which has a track record of refining its products using pre-releases and early customer feedback, is significant for product development, much like inviting a friend to taste dinner before it’s ready to serve.

Juicy Marbles will release the first small batch of 500 rib racks on August 28. Interested customers can sign up for the “list of pure prestige” on the company’s website. Subscribers can earn points by referring friends and sharing on social media for a chance to win a free rack of ribs on launch day.

Culinary revolution

Juicy Marbles has been impressing consumers since its inception in 2020 by Slovenian entrepreneurs Mićković, Tilen Travnik, Luka Sincek, and Maj Hrovat.

The new Bone-in-Ribs are the company’s latest creation.  It started selling a marbled plant-based steak and a tenderloin in 2022.

It is also planning to expand its offerings to include new products and restaurant menus. The company is leading the way in creating a new culinary perspective that highlights the diversity and enjoyment of plant-based meats as part of the broader food family.

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