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The McPlant Burger arrives in the UK, but what other vegan options does McDonald’s have on its global menu

The McPlant burger arrives in the UK, but what other vegan options does McDonald’s have on its global menu
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The fast-food giant finally launched its highly anticipated McPlant burger in the UK after working on it for three years.

The McPlant has finally arrived in the UK and one look at social media confirms that fans can’t wait to get their hands on it.

McDonald’s has taken over three years’ worth of research to create the burger in collaboration with Beyond Meat. It features a patty made with pea protein and cooked separately from other McDonald’s items to avoid any risk of cross-contamination.

Moreover, the ‘bespoke’ cheese also tastes just like McDonald’s cheese slices.

The burger is set to be released in 10 select restaurants in Coventry from 29 September and in more than 250 sites from 13 October. A wider nationwide rollout is expected next year.


Michelle Graham-Clare is the chief marketing officer for McDonald’s UK & Ireland. She said: “We’re so pleased to be finally launching McPlant in the UK and Ireland.

“As with every McDonald’s offering, we take our time to ensure it meets the highest standards and is something that all our customers will enjoy.

“We are always looking for different ways to innovate and meet our customers’ needs, and with McPlant we have a delicious plant-based burger that will appeal to everyone.

“Whether you’re vegan or just fancy a plant-based patty, we’re confident you will enjoy the McPlant.”

McDonald’s is yet to announce when it will roll out the burger to other countries although it has tested the McPlant in Denmark, Sweden, and Canada and launched the meatless product in Austria.

So, while McPlant is on everyone’s radar, and today McDonald’s is at the forefront of the vegan news, what other vegan options does the fast-food chain have to offer?

Keep reading to find out. Although, do bear in mind that many of the below items are cooked on shared utensils or spaces with animal products.

BIG NEWS: McPlant coming to UK McDonald’s soon
Image: McDonald’s

McDonald’s vegan options around the world


McDonald’s has introduced a variety of vegan-friendly alternatives, especially in the UK.

For breakfast, customers can opt for a hash brown, apple and grapefruit bag, and orange juice.

The chain also offers the Vegetable Deluxe Sandwich and Veggie Dippers.

In 2019, McDonald’s introduced the Spicy Veggie wrap which features the Veggie Dippers, spicy relish, lettuce, and tomato all wrapped in a toasted tortilla.

The chain also has a vegan side salad and balsamic dressing. The BBQ dip, sweet curry dip, sweet and sour dip are also all marked as vegan

In addition, Smoky BBQ, sweet chilli, strawberry jam, pancake syrup are all free of milk, eggs and molluscs but are not marked up as vegan on the allergen list.

Drinks options include frozen strawberry lemonade, black coffee, and espresso (may contain traces of milk).

Vegan options at McDonald’s UK
Image: McDonald’s


Plant-based fans can feast on McDonald’s fruit and maple oatmeal (order without cream).

The baked apple pie is one quintessential vegan order for people eschewing meat.

Non-dairy drinks include black coffee and orange juice (Minute Maid brand).

Unfortunately, the company rid its menu of salads last year so that has to be struck off the list. Although, you can contend with apple slices for a healthier snack option.

Moreover, the US outlets still include “Natural Beef Flavor [Wheat and Milk Derivatives]” in their French Fries even though the rest of the world’s McDonald’s fries are vegan.

McDonald's baked apple_TotallyVeganBuzz pie
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Mickey D’s has a few options in Canada to cater to meatless customers.

The English muffin or the everything, multigrain, and plain bagel can be ordered without butter for breakfast.

The chain’s hash browns, as well as blueberry pomegranate, strawberry banana, and mango pineapple smoothies, are all vegan-friendly.  The smoothies have to be ordered without yoghurt though.

The baked apple pie order at the chain is also free of animal products.


Customers in the Nordic region can feast on Vegan Vegetable Nuggets in Norway, Falafel Nuggets in Sweden, and the McVegan and the El Veggo in Finland.

McDonald's is reportedly launching vegan burgers UK
Image: Sorbis /


McDonald’s known as Macca’s in Australia launched a McVeggie burger last year to meet the growing demand for plant-based fast-food options but took it off the menu in June this year.

So, Aussie’s looking for meatless options at Macca’s can opt for plain English muffin, Garden salad with Balsamic dressing, and apple slices.


In March, McDonald’s China added new plant-based pork items to its breakfast menu. While it is unclear if any of the new menu items are entirely vegan, the five new items—launched in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen—feature OmniPork, vegan ground pork made from pea, soy, shiitake mushroom, and soy protein.

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