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Husband slams ‘selfish’ wife for making their son a vegan birthday cake

A man has stirred up debate by admitting he branded his wife ‘selfish’ for baking a vegan birthday cake for their non-vegan son.

The man, a ‘vegetarian-ish’ for ten years, revealed on Reddit that he and his vegan wife have three kids aged 1 to 7.

The couple are bringing their children up on a vegetarian diet as he believes veganism ‘does not meet the nutritional needs of growing children in the same way an omnivorous diet does’.

So the wife is continuing her veganism but allowing animal products for her children.

However, the husband was infuriated after discovering a birthday cake for their son, which his wife was baking for the event herself, was in fact vegan.

He revealed his version of the conversation, which read:

Me – “Did you adapt this recipe to make it vegan?”

Her – “Yeah I figured I needed to start now if I wanted to have something workable by the party.”

I put the cake down. “Why are you making a vegan cake? None of the children are vegan.”

She became defensive. “I wanted to make sure there were options, I don’t know what everybody’s diet is like.”

Me – “Are you making a non-vegan cake?”

Her – “No I just wanted to make something everybody could eat.”

Me – “You’re the only vegan who will be at the party.”

Her – “You don’t know that, other parents could be too.”

Me – “But none of the kids are.”

Her – “So what? I’m going to be at the party too.”

Me – “Right, but it’s not your party and you’re not a guest. You forcing everybody to eat vegan when it’s not your birthday is extremely selfish.”

Unsurprisingly, this turned into a full-blown argument. “Finally she told me that I should make the f******g cake and stormed out of the room and refuses to talk to me. She’s set up shop in the guest room and I’m sleeping alone tonight,” he explained.

“I’ll admit to saying petty s**t as she walked away. ‘Can you even hear yourself? Hey kids, the only cake is vegan, there are no alternatives. I’m not forcing veganism on you, but if you don’t choose the vegan option then you get nothing. Happy birthday son’.”

Fellow Reddit users were highly critical of the man’s approach to the situation.

But credit to the husband, following the reaction on Reddit he realised the error of his ways.

“All year our kids have gone to birthday parties and she’s had to stand quietly aside, eating nothing, having no cake,” he updated the post.

“I understand how ostracized she has felt and she just wants to be included. I’m going to apologize to her and help her make the best vegan cake as best I can.”

What do you think of this argument? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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