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This Vegan Illustrator’s Drawings Will Blow Your Mind
Image: Ari_Stocrate / Instagram

Our new favourite vegan has to be ari_stocrate (Ari to her friends), the 24-year-old French illustrator who’s breaking Insta as we speak. Ari’s digitally drawn comic style covers all manner of daily peeves, many of which deal with what it is to be vegan in the here and now. We bloody love her. Check her out for yourself…

1. Dads: it’s only because they care…

2. Damn you Instagram and your amazing vegan community!

3. Believe us vegans when we say we love every animal under the sun, and everything about them

4. Every f*****g time

5. If there’s nothing more we love, it’s being outside in the heart of nature. Right?

6. Instant ramen: we’re SO relieved we’re not the only ones who do this!

7. How many times? HOW MANY?!?!

8. Cats: showing up their humans since the beginning of time

9. Because everyone goes crazy worrying that we’re going to waste away being vegan, so…

10. Um, we never do this ?

11. … Or this ?

12. Avocad-eugh

13. Yup. Bring it

14. Gotta love thems cats and thems dogs ??

15. The one about vegans worshipping seitan never gets old

16. Mediocre vegan pizza ? We’ve all been there. And we still keep going there…

17. What about second breakfast?

18. You just have to find the right gun…

19. Let me help!

20. Every page goes through this..

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Which of Ari’s illustrations has you howling and what vegan peeve would you love to see her illustrate. Answers below!

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