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There’s something about having the perfect eyeliner flick that just makes us feel ready to face the world. It’s tricky to master, but when you finally nail it, it can complete any look. Whether you prefer a subtle winged line, a fashionable cat’s eye flick, a dramatic smoky eye or the full-blown rock and roll look, there’s something for everyone on our list of the best cruelty-free vegan eyeliners from some of our favourite beauty brands. Go for a pop of colour or channel your inner rock goddess, safe in the knowledge that no creatures great or small were harmed in the process.

1. Lavera Liquid Eyeliner

Image courtesy of Lavera

We’re big fans of liquid eyeliner for that perfect smooth finish. This offering from the 100% cruelty-free, natural and organic brand Lavera is a fab choice. This inky black eyeliner is perfect to outline and define the contours of the eye however you choose. The dip applicator means you get a quick and easy application process with precise strokes. The formula includes organic flower extracts and organic oils, which help to guarantee a long-lasting hold that will take you from day to night.

2. Logona Eyeliner Pencil

Image courtesy of Logona

For those who prefer a soft pencil for easy eyeliner application, look no further than this lovely pencil from German brand Logona who specialise in natural and cruelty-free beauty. This pencil comes in deep black or granite grey and also features a natural, anti-aging complex with organic cranberry seed oil, organic apple seeds, organic brown algae extract. The texture is creamy and applies smoothly. We also like their double ended eyeliner pencil which gives you a choice of two shades in one.

3. Memi Expert Liner

Image courtesy of Memi

If a liquid eyeliner is too tricky, but a pencil not precise enough, try a precision felt-tip type eyeliner, like this one from cruelty-free brand Memi. It gives you full control over the application, while producing intense carbon black lines for long lasting definition. The innovative thin and flexible tip makes light work of the perfect flick. It’s quick drying as well as smudge and water resistant, and won’t feather or flake. It also comes in a super cute mirrored housing.

4. Lush Independent Eyeliner

Image courtesy of Lush

We love this slick liquid eyeliner which makes it easy to create the whatever style of flick, tick, wing, slick or smudge you desire. The deep black creates a dramatic look, and uses soothing fair trade organic aloe vera gel, as well as xanthan gum. It’s great for sensitive skin and eyes, as it’s moisturising and conditioning, and once applied will last all day. You can even recycle the glass jar at home with your household recycling.

5. Pacifica Natural Eye Pencil

Image courtesy of Pacifica

You can trust that everything from Pacifica is 100% cruelty-free and vegan, but the other reason why we love them is the adorable packaging designs. And this eyeliner pencil is no different, with cute golden swirls on a pastel background. The rich water-proof, buttery smooth eye pencil is easy to apply and gives a proper hit of colour. The long-lasting natural formula contains shea butter, jojoba oil and mineral colour for hours of wear. Available in three shades.

6. BH Liquid Eyeliner

Image courtesy of BH Cosmetics

For a budget friendly liquid eyeliner that is also vegan and cruelty-free, you can’t go wrong with this handy handbag sized tube from BH. It’s easy to use and dries quickly for applications and touch-ups on the go. It is highly-pigmented with a perfectly thin tip for creating precise lines, wings and flicks. The durable and long-lasting smudge-proof formula means that one application will easily carry you from day to night.

7. ColourPop BFF Liquid Liner

Image courtesy of ColourPop

If you’re tired of the same old black or brown liner, ColourPop will come to the rescue with these adorable felt-tip liners in cute packaging that wouldn’t look out of place in a school pencil case. The flexible tip makes them easy to use as the colour glides on smoothly in one swipe with intense pigmentation. There’s no dragging, skipping or tugging, just a perfect precision flick.  Available in seven long-lasting, durable shades – we love the bright green!

8. Tarte Sugar Rush Preppy Precision Liner

Image courtesy of Tarte

Tarte is another brand that always turns out beautiful packaging for their cruelty-free beauty products, and they have a large vegan range to choose from. This is a super-skinny liner for creating ultra-fine lines, so you can finally nail that perfect cat’s eye flick. It’s waterproof, sweatproof and contact lens safe. The formula gives you an intense deep black with no skipping, dragging or flaking. It even comes in a recyclable, soy ink based box!

9. Too Faced Better than Sex Easy Glide Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Image courtesy of Too Faced

Well, we might take that claim with a pinch of salt, but there’s no doubt that this eyeliner is pretty impressive. The easy glide formula makes quick work of the application process, and leaves a precise, rich, jet-black line. The dual fibre applicator brush is super-fine and flexible, which lets you achieve a sharp, sleek line with no fuss. The waterproof formula also stays put for up to 24 hours with no fading, flaking or smudging

10. INIKA Certified Organic Eye Pencil

Image courtesy of INIKA Organic

INIKA Organic do an amazing range of beauty products, all of which are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, with natural organic ingredients. We love the colour choices of this soft eye pencil – there are eight to choose from including a vibrant purple and an emerald green. The soft, silky-rich texture glides on seamlessly to create the look you want. The formula is crafted from natural plant-based ingredients and pure mineral pigments. It also contains organic coconut oil for extra softness and nourishment.

11. B. by Superdrug Pro Duo Eyeliner

Image courtesy of B. by Superdrug

We love the double ended design of this handy eyeliner from 100% vegan brand B. by Superdrug. It features two thicknesses of liner so you can enjoy precise application for a dramatic and defined look. The thinner end creates fine definition while the thicker end adds depth and drama. The deep black formula is smooth and easy to apply, without flaking or smudging, and lasts all day for a cat’s eye you can rely on.

12. e.l.f. Intense Ink Eyeliner

Image courtesy of e.l.f cosmetics

e.l.f products are cruelty-free but are not always vegan, so you need to double check. Luckily, we’ve found this awesome jet black liquid liner that really gets the job done. The formula is quick-drying so you can instantly enhance your look with a bold and intense colour that lasts and lasts. The felt tip pen design is easy to use, allowing you to create a sleek line in your own favourite style, without smudging, feathering or running.

13. Revolution Beauty Pro Supreme Pigment Gel Eyeliner

Image courtesy of Revolution Beauty London

We love Revolution, because their products are super cute and cruelty-free to boot. Their selection of vegan eyeliners is huge, with something to suit everyone, but we’ve picked this gorgeous gel eyeliner because it is a dream to apply. It also comes in 8 different shades – our top choice is the metallic gold. The creamy formula lasts for ages and lets you create a wide range of looks from tiny flicks to dramatic wings. They also do an eyeliner which comes in a unicorn horn shaped package!

14. Barry M Kohl Pencil

Image courtesy of Barry M

You can’t go wrong with a classic soft kohl pencil when you’re after the classic smoky, smudgy eye look. This soft liner is so easy to apply and packs a really intense pigmentation into such a small pencil! It comes in eight shades – we love the inky black for a proper smoky eye, or the electric blue for a fun look. It lasts all day and is perfect for keeping in your bag for when you want to create an easy dramatic look on the go.

15. The Body Shop Eyeliner Liquid

Image courtesy of The Body Shop

The Body Shop always creates quality, cruelty-free products that you can trust, and their vegan range is expanding all the time. This is an easy-to-use liquid liner with a precise tip to help create bold, smudge-resistant lines. It is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, as well as being suitable for contact lens wearers. It comes in a choice of classic black or smooth brown. The formula is designed to last and will resist smudging, flaking or running.

16. Illamasqua Precision Ink

Image courtesy of Illamasqua

This is a great product from one of our favourite cruelty-free brands. It’s a handy part of your make-up collection since you can use it as an eyeliner, or body art pen. It even works as a nail art pen! There are four highly-pigmented colours to choose from – we love the shimmery turquoise of ‘Zircon’. The fine tips makes it easy to create any type of line, flick or wing, so you can wear it however suits you.

17. Urban Decay Glitter Eyeliner

Image courtesy of Urban Decay

Want some shimmer in your life? This glitter eye-liner from Urban Decay is sure to put a smile on your face! The glitter is suspended in a gel, so you can say goodbye to watery formulas that separate and need frequent shaking. It also contains peach and cucumber extract to condition the skin, and carrot extract to soothe and soften. The thin-tipped brush is precise and easy to use. It comes in a massive 19 shades, and you can even layer more than one colour for that rock-goddess vibe. Our fave is ‘Spandex’.

18. PHB Ethical Beauty Organic Eyeliner

Image courtesy of PHB Ethical Beauty

100% vegan and cruelty-free brand PHB has a huge range of natural and organic cosmetics, including this kind eyeliner which is perfect for sensitive skin. The soft pencil is infused with natural plant oils and waxes for a nourishing formula and rich pigment. It’s easy to apply and glides on smoothly to create an accurate line. It’s also water-resistant and long-lasting. It is available in two shades, black and deep brown.

19. Provida Organics Earth Minerals Luminous Shimmer Eyeliner

Image courtesy of Provida Organics

This loose powder eyeliner is so easy to apply and makes it easy to nail that perfect smoky eye. The blendable colours give a beautiful sheen, and can be used for anything from a subtle hint of colour to a full blown dramatic look. Use a thin eyeliner brush to apply, and experiment with combining more than one shade to create your own look. Comes in six colours – we like the subtle shimmery grey of ‘Myron’.

20. 3INA The Colour Eyeliner

Image courtesy of 3INA

3INA are 100% cruelty-free and also aim to use sustainable and recyclable packaging wherever possible. They also have a large vegan range. We love their colour eyeliner because the design makes it so easy to apply – combining the simplicity of a liner with the precision of a liquid. The formula is highly pigmented and dries quickly. It’s also long-lasting and waterproof. It comes in nine shades, but our top pick is the shimmery bronze of number 506 or the bright blue-green of number 509.

21. Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘n’ Kohl Eyeliner

Image courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

We can see why this soft vegan kohl pencil by Charlotte Tilbury has won awards. It melts onto your skin thanks to the smooth formula, and lets you apply a slick line without dragging. The waterproof formula will last you all day – up to 14 hours in fact! It is also nourishing and hydrating, as well as being paraben and preservative free. It comes in six shades and we love the classic ‘Barbarella Brown’ for channelling our inner 60’s chick.

22. bareMinerals One Fine Line Micro Precision Eyeliner

Image courtesy of bareMinerals

bareMinerals is another cruelty-free brand that has been busily expanding its vegan collection, and this fine liner is one of our favourites. It’s fully waterproof and one of the thinnest eyeliners you can buy, for those who like to create ultra-precise lines and subtle definition. The tip is only 1.5 mm so it is perfect for applying right at the lash line and along the inner rim of the eye. The creamy formula contains natural waxes for a smooth application. Available in six shades – we like ‘Precise Plum’.

23. Seren London Vegan Long Lasting Eyeliner

Image courtesy of Seren London

We love this London brand which is committed to being 100% vegan and cruelty-free. This liquid liner comes in a handy bottle with an easy to use precision brush, helping you to create fine lines and cat’s eye flicks to your heart’s desire. The velvety formula dries fast and gives an intense hit of jet black colour. It’s also long lasting, and is a great budget find for great looks without emptying your purse.

24. puroBIO Cosmetics Eyeliner

Image courtesy of puroBIO Cosmetics

If you like your beauty products to be organic and as natural as possible, puroBIO is a brand for you. This eye pencil is really soft and lightweight, so it creates smooth and even lines without dragging. It’s also rich in plant oils and vitamin E, which nourish the skin and have antioxidant properties. It’s perfect for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers too. It comes in ten different shades, from classic black to vibrant blue and classy grey.

25. Alkemilla Eco Bio Cosmetic Eyeliner

Image courtesy of Alkemilla

This eyeliner pencil is great for everyday use as it is enriched with plant extracts and vitamin E for a kind and sensitive formula. The intense jet black is great for defined eyes and cute flicks. It’s also easy to blend for a softer look, but the rich texture won’t drag, feather or flake. It’s long lasting, as well as being nickel, chromium and cobalt tested. There are two shades available, black and deep brown.

26. veg-up Liquid Eyeliner

Image courtesy of veg-up

This cute pink flowery tube caught our eye in a sea of boring black packaging. We also love the sturdy applicator wand which lets you create a precise line with ease. It lasts all day and dries quickly. The conditioning formula contains apricot kernel oil for hydration and roseroot oil for an anti-stress effect. It also contains laminaria extract, which is remineralising, vitamin-rich and antioxidant. It comes in a choice of five shades, our recommendation is the cheerful floral ‘Violet’.

27. Zao Organic Pencil

Image courtesy of Zao

Lighten the load of your make-up bag with this multi-purpose pencil. It is designed to enhance the shape of the eyes, the contour of the lips, even the shape of the eyebrows! The highly-pigmented formula gives perfect coverage and intense colour, while ensuring a clean line and a smooth, smudge-free finish. The texture is soft and easy to apply. It is available in 14 different colour choices. The jet black is a classic, or try the dark green to mix up your look a little.

28. Lily Lolo Natural Eyeliner

Image courtesy of Lily Lolo

This is a really creamy and soft pencil, perfect for creating that deliberately smudgy, smoky, don’t-really-care look, so you can embrace your inner rock-chick. It leaves a smooth and even line without pulling or dragging, and will stay put all day without running. The natural ingredients mean that it is suitable for sensitive skin. The soft formula is really easy to apply, leaving clean and precise lines. Available in dark black or deep brown.

Do you prefer a subtle flick or a full-blown rock-chick smoky eye? Let us know in the comments below and tell us which vegan eyeliner you love to use when creating your favourite look.

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