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It turns out Kellogg’s Frosted Wheats cereal contains beef
Kellogg’s Frosted Wheats cereal contains animal products. Image: Zozz_/ Pixabay and @_ayrtonnn/ Twitter

Vegans have been left furious after discovering that Kellogg’s Frosted Wheats cereal contains beef gelatin.

The revelation was shared on Twitter and labelled ‘disgusting and unnecessary’.

On first appearance anyone would be forgiven for thinking the cereal brand is vegan – as it’s description explains it is ‘shredded wholewheat with sugar topping’.

But on close inspection the ingredients inexplicably contain dead cow fats.

“Eww look! @KelloggsUK Frosted Wheats have beef gelatin added to them! Be careful, they are not suitable for veggies/vegans! Why!? So unnecessary and disgusting,” @_ayrtonnn posted on Twitter.

Vegans joined in the outrage and frustration with Kellogg’s.

“Kellogg’s, that’s disgusting. Glad I don’t buy any of your products,” another wrote.

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