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UK’s top 10 best vegan kebabs revealed in PETA’s new list

PETA lists the top 10 best vegan kebabs in the UK
Image: PETA

The vegan kebabs will “thrill diners with classic-tasting cuisine that doesn’t involve the grilled flesh of gentle animals,” says PETA.

Animal rights organization-PETA has released a list of the top 10 places to find vegan kebabs in the UK.

According to PETA, these outlets serve tasty plant-based dishes with “moreish meaty flavour,” and “zero cruelty.”

 In a statement, PETA Director of Vegan Corporate Projects Dawn Carr said: “PETA’s top 10 list of vegan kebabs in the UK will thrill diners with classic-tasting cuisine that doesn’t involve the grilled flesh of gentle animals.”

The top 10 vegan kebab restaurants include:


Named London’s best takeaway at the British Kebab Awards, the vegan chain offers classic döner kebab wraps, döner chip boxes, vegan gyros wraps and more.

It has three branches in London and one in Brighton – with another planned for Manchester in the coming months.

After the UK’s Prime Minister issued a stark directive instructing Britons to stay away from public places including bars and restaurants in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, What The Pitta owners announced that we are moving all their stores to delivery only via @deliveroo and UberEats, so that customers could order their favourite meals from the comfort and safety of their homes.


Based in Yorkshire,  the idea behind Döner Summer’s vegan junk food came from Berlin’s street food scene.

The menu is a delicious assortment of vegan shawarma and döner kebabs, loaded skin-on fries, bratwurst, currywurst, and more.


This popular vegan street food van in Plymouth is ‘kebabitude’. It offers innovative homemade vegan kebabs, which include savoury strips of seitan garnished with a variety of toppings including baba ganoush, Korean sweet and spicy plum sauce, creamy garlic mayo, a variety of chilli sauces, and Polish-style dill-fermented gherkins.

Happy to make it to the list, the brand posted on Instagram: “We just love food, we love to cook and we love serving you our kebabs…and experimenting on you.

“It is so great to feel appreciated – thank you for nominating us ?”


Formerly known as The Dirty Vegan, co-founders, James & Joe set out to serve Nottingham with delicious vegan food in February 2019 failing to find anything exciting enough to satisfy their taste buds.

PETA lists the top 10 best vegan kebabs in the UK
Image: PETA

Determined to bust the myth that vegan food can be ‘earthy and boring’, The Filthy Vegan entices meat eaters, veggies, pescatarians and vegans with filthy, messy, tasty, mouthwatering vegan street food.

Its Famous Filthy Kebab is a hot naan packed with griddled soya meat, with a secret seasoning, salad, spicy sriracha sauce and homemade soya and garlic mayo.

“At a time with so much negative news going on it’s some good positive news,” co-founder Joe Johnson told Nottinghamshire Live.

“We’re just delighted to have been nominated, let alone in the Top Ten and are really pleased that we can put Nottingham on the vegan scene map.”


The vegan restaurant offers the best in innovative & organic plant-based cuisine. With branches across the nation, it is renowned for its jaw-dropping hanging kebab made from Moving Mountains sausage with maple-barbecue sauce and served with seasoned chips.


The first Premier League club to offer a fully vegan food menu, the Chelsea Football Club has a ‘fully vegan kiosk’ at Stamford Bridge, which offers a range of tasty plant-based options including pizza and doner kebabs.

Image: PETA


Currently closed, this independent vegan street food business based in Manchester offers tasty and the finest handmade kebabs.

Image: PETA

The popular kebabs are served on a traditional flatbread with fresh salad including lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickled peppers and cabbage topped with chilli sauce and our special homemade garlic sauce.

Their other appetizing items include Döner, Shawarma, Tandoori Chikun, Ethiopian Chikun, Xinjiang Beaf, and Jamaican Jerk. Don’t forget to try them out once they resume.


With outlets in Leeds, Headingley & Harrogate, I AM DÖNER’ vegan kebabs are highly sought after. In fact, they often sell faster than their meat counterparts. The outlets are currently closed in wake of the ongoing lockdown.


Making it to the top 10 list is Cardiff based Greazy Vegan, who offers scrumptions döner kebab and vegan “chicken” kebab served with garlic sauce and a drizzle of chilli sauce. The brand continues to deliver orders through Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

10. ‘BABS

Described as a modern gourmet kebab house right in the heart of Glasgow City Centre, this restaurant’s signature dishes include the Vegan Steak Shish – which is served with beetroot hummus, paprika rice, shredded lettuce, coal-grilled aubergine, red-pepper ajvar, and house pickles – and a Vegan Steak Skewer.

Having closed its doors this week amid the coronavirus pandemic, it’s hoped business will resume when the lockdown has lifted.

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