A Boy Was Terrified About Telling His Mum He’s Turning Vegan, And The Support He Received Is Inspiring

Turning vegan can be a difficult process. As vegans we all know what it’s like to be made to feel we’re inconveniencing someone’s meal plans or lifestyle. This is an issue for vegans of all shapes and sizes, and can potentially strain relationships with friends and family no matter what your age. But for someone who’s still living with their parents in a meat-eating household, the challenge is even greater.

That’s exactly the difficulty one 17-year-old boy is faced with, and he searched for advice on Reddit from seasoned vegans. The thoughtful boy explained he was primarily concerned about making his mom feel incredibly uncomfortable, but thankfully his plea for help was met with some inspiring advice. See the heartwarming support that was offered below.

Image courtesy of Ryan Melaugh

The boy opened up and explained his dilemma.

One vegan jumped to his aid to offer some detailed advice.

Users also applauded the mother for taking a keen interest in her son’s health.

Other vegans championed a more aggressive approach to turning vegan, which led to further debate.

And there are vegan bodybuilders, of course…

Another response was disgusted by the advice provided by the paediatrician.

The overall response was heartwarming and informative, reassuring the boy that his mother just wants what’s best for him.

All images courtesy of Reddit

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