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Netflix's hard-hitting food doc Poisoned is making viewers want to ‘go vegan’
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“This Poisoned documentary on Netflix makes me wanna turn vegan.”

Netflix viewers have lost their appetite after a new documentary exposing the US food industry’s dark truths was released earlier this month.

In the new film, called Poisoned, filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig investigates how America’s US food supply chain leads to outbreaks of foodborne pathogens – such as E.Coli.

The film presents an account of the E. coli outbreak involving hamburger meat from the Jack in the Box fast food chain, including coverage of the subsequent lawsuit and interviews with executives, researchers, lawyers, and the victims’ families.

The documentary is based on Jeff Benedict’s book Poisoned: The True Story of the Deadly E. Coli Outbreak That Changed the Way Americans Eat.

An outline on Netflix’s Tudum reads: “Poisoned sheds light on how the bacteria in what we consume can cause fatal diseases. The film unearths food companies’ cover-up attempts, reveals disturbing truths about America’s food supply system, and details criminal prosecutions that have resulted from these contaminations.

“Our policymakers and food industry execs have been unrelenting in suggesting America’s food is “the safest in the world,” but how can they protect us when it isn’t?”

Viewers’ reaction

The film has been garnering a lot of attention since its release on 2 August.

Viewers took to X to voice their fears. “I’m in the middle of watching the #Poisoned : (The Dirty Truth About Your Food) documentary on Netflix and I never want to eat anything again! I feel like I need to become a farmer, and grow my own crops!”

Another added: “ Watched ‘Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food’  – you’ll never want to touch, cook or eat chicken again.”

“This Poisoned documentary on Netflix makes me wanna turn vegan,” a third said.

“How many meat & dairy eaters are gonna ignore this after they see the truth?” a fourth chimed in.

 The heartbreaking testimony of Darin Detwiler, whose 16-month-old son Riley passed away from an E. coli infection caused by Jack in the Box beef patties, during the fatal Jack in the Box E. coli outbreak of 1993 in the US, left a deep impression on the general public.

 A parent on X wrote:  “While watching Poisoned on Netflix and learning about this little boy’s death from E. coli, it’s disheartening that some people still consider me crazy for raising my child as a vegan.”

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