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Prince Charles says reducing meat and dairy is important to tackle climate change
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“We have forgotten sometimes, I think, that we are part of nature. So what we do to the world around us we are doing totally to ourselves.”

 King Charles III has joined YouTube in hopes of addressing the climate crisis by communicating with more people.

The British monarch launched a new channel for RE:TV, his environment non-profit that is committed to highlighting the innovations and ideas that are emerging in response to the climate and biodiversity crisis.

The organization teams up with local crews to shoot videos that champion climate solutions. So far, more than 70 of those short films have been produced.

At first, RE:TV videos were distributed using outlets such as Amazon Prime and Bloomberg. However, the brand’s recent YouTube channel launch has allowed them to gain a presence on the platform and reach a wider audience. Within just two months of joining this platform, RE:TV has already uploaded more than 50 videos of varying lengths and has amassed a subscriber base of around 16,000 viewers.

‘New way of communication’

In the first video uploaded to the RE:TV YouTube channel, King Charles says: “We have forgotten sometimes, I think, that we are part of nature. So what we do to the world around us we are doing totally to ourselves.

 “We have to develop an approach which, by putting nature at the centre of the whole process, what profit we make, we have to make a profit for nature.”

A recent video chronicles how RE:TV’s founder has spent “50 years of speaking up for the planet” and it includes several celebrities such as Woody Harrelson, Glenn Close, Olivia Colman, and Idris Elba adding their voice to echo the King’s eco-friendly soundbites.

Is King Charles a true environmentalist?

While King Charles is certainly a strong advocate for the planet, many people question whether his efforts go enough.  For one the British regent has for decades ignored the impact of animal agriculture and has only made a few scant criticisms of the meat industry in the past.

Moreover, his climate credentials are further questionable since the Royal family continues to rely on animal agriculture.

Aside from officially banning foie gras from being served at any of the royal residences, King Charles has taken some (very) small steps to reduce his intake of animal products.

He is a patron of the Speciality Cheesemakers Association, and he has been open about the fact that his diet includes meat and eggs. However, in a 2021 interview with the BBC, the king revealed that he does limit his intake of animal products to do his part in combating the climate crisis. “The business of what we eat, of course, is important,” he said.

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