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Aussie hair care joins PETA’s cruelty-free brand list
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PETA US has certified Procter & Gamble owned Aussie as cruelty-free and the iconic bottles will soon display the charity’s bunny symbol to show they were produced without testing on animals.

PETA USA will add the brand to its “Beauty Without Bunnies” program that maintains a database of cruelty-free cosmetics, personal-care and household products.

The well-known hair care brand has worked closely with the charity to make sure its products are not tested on animals, even the ones being sold in China.

Currently, the law in China mandates that all cosmetics imported to the country must undergo government authorized animal tests. However, Aussie will only sell locally manufactured non–special use products, to bypass these laws.

“We are delighted to be part of PETA USA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program,” said Kelly Vanasse, Procter & Gamble’s Head of Health & Beauty Communication

“The humane beauty is an important value for Aussie, both for our employees and for the brand’s lovers all over the world.”

“It’s up to us as consumers to help save animals from torment and deadly product testing. More than ever, shoppers want products that do no harm,” said PETA US.

“We hope other companies will take note of Aussie’s compassionate choice to spare animals suffering in cruel, horrifying tests and go cruelty-free.”

Procter & Gamble

Earlier this year,  Herbal Essences– another Procter & Gamble brand, was added to the Beauty Without Bunnies database.

However, animal organizations are not pleased with the charity awarding cruelty-free statuses to brands owned by a company that still tests its products on animals.

Animal Justice Project (AJP), an international, animal welfare NGO working to put an end to animal experimentation and other forms of speciesism called out the organization for granting cruelty-free accreditation to Aussie since P&G still implements grotesque experiments on animals.

Claire Palmer, founder of AJP said to Plant Based News: “Increasingly the lines are being blurred by NGOs stamping their approval on products owned by parent companies continuing cruel animal experiments by labeling them as ‘cruelty-free’, and even animal-tested products being labeled as ‘vegan’.

“Aussie Hair care is owned by P&G – a company that commissions animal experiments on a gross scale (we don’t like to use the word ‘testing’ as this downplays the enormity of suffering) when ‘required to’ by law. This isn’t good enough.

“If you are against the hideous confinement, abuse, and killing of rodents and other animals in laboratories, you should know that purchasing brands such as Aussie Hair care funds a company literally built on animal suffering. We will always advocate a boycott of Aussie Hair care and any other P&G-owned brand until the company does the right thing”.

What do you think of PETA awarding cruelty-free status to a P&G brand? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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