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Brooklyn Beckham promotes vegan trainers - fans not impressed
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Fans called him a ‘hypocrite’ for advertising vegan footwear while being an avid meat eater.

Brooklyn Beckham has come under fire for his double standards in promoting vegan fashion whilst still eating animal products.

The eldest son of David and Victoria, who became the face of clothing brand Superdry last year, took to Instagram to show off his new ‘vegan’ trainers by the company releasing on the 24th of this month.  

Brooklyn’s post – apart from being a promotion for SuperDry – also aimed to encourage people to reconsider their ‘fashion footprint’ and opt for sustainable alternatives.

The post quickly racked up comments by followers who found his vegan plea hypocritical and ‘embarrassing’ when just three days ago the budding chef shared his latest Cooking With Brooklyn video focusing on his favourite food – steak.

In that video, he told his fans: “I absolutely love steak.

“I eat steak quite a lot. Sometimes one a week, sometimes twice a week, sometimes three times a week.”

Brooklyn added: “I love making it probably as much as I enjoy eating it.”

‘Makes no sense’

Commenting on Brooklyn’s latest post, one follower wrote: “But seriously you cannot be cooking steak one day and promoting vegan the next! This truly does not make sense!”

Another added: “Hahahahaha you hypocrite! How can you advertise these when you’re forever posting videos of steak.”

One user even questioned Superdry’s marketing skills: “I love you Brooks but I think you should let vegans promote vegan stuffs, out of respect. Superdry you should think about your marketing strategy which targets vegans, promoting it through carnivores doesn’t make sense.”

 However, others defended the 22-year-old and praised him for ‘making small changes’

One user wrote: “Baby steps, something is better than nothing, next might be vegan food. Yall need to calm down. Don’t jump the gun.”

 “If you eat steak you are not ‘not allowed’ to wear vegan footwear! how about encouraging those who aren’t vegan to begin with small changes in their lives such as their clothes as a start…. or maybe getting Brooklyn to do it encourages some people to start looking towards veganism… including him???” added another

A third commented: “U guys always so judgy & high & mighty….. give people a chance to at least begin to change some of their ways if not all… ENCOURAGEMENT not criticism.”

Beckham and plant-based diet

While the Beckhams may eat a significant number of meat-free dishes, the household has explored plant-based eating on numerous occasions.

While the Beckhams may eat a significant number of meat-free dishes, the household has explored plant-based eating on numerous occasions.

Booklyn also made vegan Bangers and Mash for American rapper and singer 24kGoldn in one of his recent cooking demo videos.

Last year, Brooklyn’s mum Victoria revealed that she follows a plant-based diet – barring a supplement she takes.

Moreover, dad David has also taken to Instagram to show off his vegan cooking skills in the past. In one post he told his followers that he had not eaten meat for three weeks at a stretch and admitted the experience ‘hadn’t been easy, but actually enjoyable’.

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