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Climate activists storm Louis Vuitton catwalk
Image: @extinctionrebellionfrance/ Instagram

The demonstration was to put a spotlight on the fashion industry’s wasteful tendencies and its implication on the environment.

This week, climate protestors stormed Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2022 runway show in Paris’s famous Louvre museum to condemn the excessive consumption in the fashion industry and its impact on climate change.

Five Extinction Rebellion, Amis de la Terre (Friends of the Earth) and Youth For Climate activists infiltrated the podium and marched alongside other models while carrying  banners that read: “Overconsumption = extinction”, “No fashion on a dead planet”, “Fashion change not climate change”, and “Climate is a fashion victim”

The demonstrators were able to walk the runaway for a handful of steps before being wrestled and taken away by security guards.

The move was to call on the government to enforce “an immediate cut in production levels in the sector, given that 42 items of clothing were sold per person in France in 2019”.

Amis de la Terre said they chose the LVMH label to highlight the issue of overconsumption in the fashion industry.

“LVMH is the world leader of luxury and has a responsibility when it comes to trends that push the textile industry to constantly renew collections faster and produce more,” group spokeswoman Alma Dufour told Reuters.

‘100% right’

Footage of the protestors has quickly gone viral on social media.

“Y’all don’t wanna hear it but she is 100% right,” a user commented on a video of the protester’s appearance at the show on TikTok.

“This literally the time and the place for this protest,” added another. “It’s peaceful and impactful. She strutted that runway momma.”

“This should be a thing at every fashion show, & like the health warnings on ciggie packets, there should be signs in every retail store letting consumers know how much of what they’re purchasing is adding to climate change and human rights violations,” one comment on Instagram read.

“It’s true. Fashion is by far one of the most grotesque and wasteful of industries. Literally it’s defined by seasons and changing every few months. Wheels of capitalism at its finest…” read another.

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