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Richmond launches vegan sausages
Image: Richmond Foods

Sausage giant Richmond has announced it is launching a vegan version of its popular bangers.

The Kerry Group’s brand is a top choice for many meat eaters, and the company announced its moving into the meat alternative market to meet unprecedented demand. 

The vegan bangers will hit UK supermarkets at £2.50 for a pack of eight from this month (September 2019).

They will be soya-based, high protein and contain 58 calories per sausage.

The new products will offer the same taste and texture as the meat version, according to Richmond, as the company said they will ‘look and taste just like a Richmond Pork Sausage, right down to the crispy skin fans love’.

The sausages will be featured in the meat aisle to encourage all consumers to give the meat-free versions a go.

Dawn Spencer, director at brand owner Kerry Foods, said in a statement: “We know how much people love our sausages – we’re the nation’s favourite. But increasingly consumers are looking for a broader range of options to choose from, and this includes alternatives to meat.

“Richmond is one of Kerry Foods’ longest-standing brands, but we’re constantly looking for ways to innovate and meet the demands of consumers. We’re confident people will love our meat free sausages just as much as our core ranges, making this a must-stock for retailers looking to appeal to families looking to try something new in their weekly shop.

“Our complete range of sausages ensures we are bringing families together at mealtimes, helping them create one meal with different options for all dietary preferences.”

Is it good for brands to feature vegan products in the meat aisle? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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