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UK Rapper Stormzy In Twitter Storm After Telling Vegans To ‘F*** Off’
Stormzy faced a backlash for his anti-vegan comments. Image: @stormzy on Instagram

UK rapper Stormzy has been swept up in a Twitter storm of his own making after telling vegans to ‘f*** off’.

The ‘Shut Up’ singer started a bizarre outburst on Twitter which began with ‘Vegans think they’re so sick’.

The rapper continued his thread by taunting vegans by tweeting: “Ooh look at me with my avocado. Just f*** off.”

The post has been shared almost 6,000 times and has 26,000 likes, and led to an inevitable backlash from vegans.

But despite furious responses, Stormzy continued to bait with the comment: “Lol it’s just a joke f****** hell don’t start throwing lentils at me.”

Unsurprisingly many of Stormzy’s fans thought his vegan-bashing was hilarious.

But vegans were quick to counter Stormzy’s strange thread.

Some fans were so angry they said they’re planning to sell Stormzy concert tickets in protest of his anti-veganism.

Other users shared a video from vegan comedian Romesh Ranganathan to put the rapper in his place.

And supermarket giant Tesco reminded Twitter users that a vegan diet doesn’t need to be expensive.

What do you think of Stormzy’s tweets? Tell us in the comments section below!

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