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US oat milk sales shoot up by 476.7% as coronavirus looms
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A recent Nielsen report has recorded meteoric rises in oat milk and vegan meat sales as shoppers go on a berserk shopping spree amid the COVID- 19 pandemic.

The coronavirus outbreak that has now affected more than 450,000 people has led to some unprecedented changes in shopping behavior.

As shoppers go frantic with stockpiling, supermarkets shelves are being cleaned up in no time.

According to Neilsen’s report, sales of oat milk shot a whopping 476.7 % last week when compared with sales during the same period last year while oat milk sales figures for the previous week ending March 7 were at 347.3%.

Oat milk is currently the fastest-growing dairy-free milk product in the US, a separate report released by the Good Food Institute (GFI) and the Plant-Based Foods Association showed US oat milk sales leaping by a whopping 686 percent in 2019.

However, the outbreak that has led to this drastic surge in demand led Oatly to release a statement urging people to practice restraint.

In an Instagram post, the brand wrote: “We would just like to remind everyone that buying every single last carton of oat milk that you find at your local shop or online retailer is not a very cool move. And to be honest, it’s totally unnecessary.

“Our focus and top priority right now is to ensure that no matter what happens, the oat milk keeps flowing, which means shelves will be refilled with speed and accuracy, which in turn will allow you to demonstrate all of your consideration skills, ultimately resulting in a few cartons of oat milk for all.”

Vegan meat sales

The other products that were swept off the shelves included vegan meat. The report recorded that while fresh vegan meat jumped a staggering 279.8% for week ending March 14, fully cooked vegan meat sales increased by 84.6 % in the same week.

 In comparison sales figures for canned meat sales shot up by 187.7%, fresh chicken sales grew by 51.8 percent and fully cooked chicken jumped 35% last week.

Even in the absence of the ongoing pandemic mayhem, the plant-based meat sector is rapidly growing with changing consumer food preferences.

According to market research report Plant-based Meat Market, the plant-based meat market valued at $12.1 billion in 2019 is projected to reach $27.9 billion by 2025. 

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