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Puma ditches kangaroo leather for 'better' vegan fabric
Image: Puma

Puma’s King soccer boots are made with vegan K-Better, a new animal-free upper material.

Puma SE is officially phasing kangaroo leather out of its soccer boots this year. Instead, it will begin using a vegan fabric following rising consumer opposition to animal-made products.

The German sporting goods company has redesigned its legendary KING football boot with K-Better, a new animal-free upper material.

The fabric is made with 60% recycled nylon from post-industrial waste and is said to be better in touch, durability, and comfort in comparison to the kangaroo leather previously used.

Additionally, the KING soccer boot has a lightweight outsole with the KING stability spine, an external heel counter, and conical studs to control movement. It also features a removable sockliner with NanoGrip technology to keep the foot locked in for optimal power when changing directions.

‘Best and latest in innovation’

“The PUMA KING is PUMA’s most iconic franchise in football and has always stood for using the best materials and the latest in innovation. Over the years, we have seen the boot evolve and become ingrained in on- and off-pitch football culture, from the pitches to the terraces.” Peter Stappen, lead product line manager for TeamSport Footwear, said.

“The new KING takes the franchise to the next-level and offers a super-soft upper with optimal stretch resistance for ultimate touch and control benefits.”

 Vegan fashion

With its decision to ditch kangaroo leather, Puma joins a growing selection of high-end footwear made with sustainable, animal-free materials.

 Last year, Hermes International SCA debuted a new handbag made from mushroom leather, a material also used by designer Stella McCartney. Hermes International SCA is known for its crocodile-skin handbags. In the meantime, leading French brand Louis Vuitton has been testing corn-based leather for sneakers.

Even Gucci launched its first-ever line of vegan sneakers made from wood pulp.

The new KING is part of the PUMA KING Supercharge edition and can be purchased at PUMA.com, PUMA stores, and specialist football retailers.

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