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Recipe 101: Hands Down The 3 Best Vegan Guacamole Recipes Out There

Our Recipe 101 feature compares three popular recipes for just one vegan dish. The idea? To find out which method most floats your boat! This time, we’re going to ‘avo’ look at one of our favourites: guacamole. We’re big fans of guac, and we love fast and easy guacamole recipes. Our favourites come courtesy of Cookie & Kate, PETA, and One Green Planet.
Click the pics to get the ingredients and recipes and give them a go to see (or taste) for yourself!

Cookie & Kate

Cookie & Kate claim that this is the best guacamole recipe out there. Do you agree?
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Totally Vegan Buzz Verdict: There’s a total wildcard in this one: NO GARLIC. As bizarre as that might seem (guac without garlic is like a beach without sand, right?) it’s deliberate – and it totally works. Our tip? Your guac might taste frighteningly limey at first. No panic: leave it to stand for a bit and it will ‘mellow out’.

One Green Planet

Could this be the ultimate vegan guacamole? One Green Planet think so…
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Totally Vegan Buzz Verdict: Another super-fast recipe for guacamole, which the addition of cumin in the ingredients gives a nice sexy depth to. Our tip? Definitely let this one stand in the fridge for a couple of hours before you serve it: the cumin and red onion need a chance to infuse.


Click the pic to discover perfect guacamole according to PETA.
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Totally Vegan Buzz Verdict: A super yummy and very easy vegan guacamole recipe and we’re big fans of the cheeky pinch of chilli. Our tip? We’ve got to be honest, we’re not fans of the mushy tomatoes – the seeds kind of let it down. We get that cherry tomatoes are fiddly to de-seed (unless you can be bothered), so we recommend adding and mixing them in gently at the end.


Have you got a favourite vegan guacamole recipe to share with the Totally Vegan Buzz community? Have you tried any of the ones above? What did you think? Tell us, tell us! Comment below!


Featured image courtesy to Juan Manuel Giraldo on Unsplash

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