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Botswana lifts 5-year elephant hunting ban
Elephant hunting is now legal in Botswana

A ban on elephant hunting has been reversed by Botswana’s government, sparking outrage from conservation groups

The five-year ban was seen as key in suppressing the ivory trade, as Botswana has the most elephants of any African country – between 120,000 and 130,000.

Africa’s elephant numbers have dwindled in recent years due to poaching – falling by 30 percent between 2007-2014.

Botswana has avoided a fall in elephants numbers during that time, but the Government said in a statement it did not predict a decline following the reinstatement of hunting.

Officials said local communities and the economy had suffered as a result of the ban, as expensive trophy hunting creates huge incomes.

A committee put together in 2018 aimed to discover the impact of the hunting ban and concluded that ‘there is a negative impact of the hunting suspension on livelihoods, particularly for community-based organizations’.

“The general consensus from those consulted was that the hunting ban should be lifted,” the statement said.

“On the basis of these issues, the Government has reflected and assessed the recommendations, and lifted the suspension.”

Mark Jones, head of policiy at wildlife conservation group the Born Free Foundation, said reversing the ban may not have a huge impact on animal numbers, but the well-being of the species will be severely impacted.

“Elephants are highly intelligent creatures and will move away from areas where they are in danger,” he told CNBC.

“Most of the countries surrounding Botswana allow [hunting] and many elephants have moved into Botswana because of the poaching in neighboring countries.”

Elephants roam free in Botswana rather than being in fenced off areas. Animal rights groups have argued that the reinstatement of hunting will lead elephants to view humans as a threat, and cause more human fatalities.

Botswana is also one of three African countries calling for a reversal of an international ban on the ivory trade.

What do you think of Botswana’s reversal on its elephant hunting ban? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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