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A global animal rights movement in which activists will march through major city centres holding the victims of factory farms will run next month.

The event marks National Animal Rights Day (June 2), and will be fronted by actor and activist Joaquin Phoenix and attended in tens of thousands of campaigners in 32 cities across the world.

Pheonix is spearheading the march in Los Angeles – which will see activists carry the dead bodies of animals which have been taken from factory farms in an eye-catching demonstration.

Chickens, lambs, pigs and many other animals will be carried through the streets of London, Paris, Mumbai and other iconic cities across the world.

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The group said the event is ‘for the billions of animals who lost their lives this year by human hands, and will end with a Celebration of the victories we had this year towards ending the suffering of all animals’.

Events around the world are mostly free and available for anyone to attend. It aims to draw attention to the atrocities of factory farming and bring animal rights activism into the mainstream.

Phoenix has been vegan since the age of three and has fronted many huge animal rights campaigns, including Million Dollar Vegan which recently offered Pope Francis $1million to go vegan for Lent.

Phoenix also produced the pro-vegan Netflix documentary What The Health?

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