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Miley Cyrus' new restaurant serves cannabis and vegan junk food
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A new restaurant backed by vegan singer Miley Cyrus is the perfect place to get high and eat all the vegan junk food. 

Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe has opened its doors in Los Angeles, and sommeliers at the restaurant will even match your joint for a suitable vegan dish.

Hundreds enjoyed the launch this month where customers smoked pre-rolled joints, ate cannabis-infused edibles and enjoyed the site’s vaporizer pens.

The restaurant is L.A.’s first legal cannabis cafe, and is vegan-friendly, offering Seriously Better Than Vegan, Vegan Nachos, a Black Bean Burger, and Bahn Mi.

The restaurant is owned by Lowell Herb Co, and Miley Cyrus has invested in the project which got the green light to open in West Hollywood earlier this year.

The restaurant offers ‘Tableside Flower Service’ in which ‘akin to a sommelier, a Flower Host will explain strains, flavors and their effects all while rolling your smoke for you’.

They can even ‘pair a cannabis strain with a dish that compliments its particular flavor profile’. 

‘For us the biggest thing is to be approachable, especially for people who aren’t experienced in cannabis,’ Kevin Brady, the company’s operations director, told the Mail Online.

‘We’re employing this idea of a ‘budtender’, like a restaurant would have a wine sommelier, but a little bit less pretentious.

‘When a guest sits at a table, the budtender has a conversation with them, understands their experience with cannabis, and guides them to what they’re looking for.

‘You have the option of buying joints, rolling your own joints, and renting bongs or pipes, all the way up to dab rigs and vapes, all with the idea of education, with someone who can walk you through those experiences.’

What is your favourite vegan junk food dish? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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