Plant-based Tennis Pro Novak Djokovic donates €1 million to Serbian hospitals in COVID-19 relief effort | Totally Vegan Buzz
Plant-based Tennis Pro Novak Djokovic donates €1 million to Serbian hospitals in COVID-19 relief effort
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Novak Djokovic and his wife Jelena have decided to donate for the purchase of ventilators and other medical equipment in order to ‘make the biggest and best impact on our country’.

In a video press conference hosted by the couple and shared on Instagram, plant-based tennis champion Novak Djokovic and his wife Jelena announced that they had donated € 1 million to his native Serbia in order to purchase more medical equipment to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

He added that they made the decision after considering all the ways in which they could make the biggest and best impact in helping tackle the current situation.

“We have spent the past several weeks gathering every piece of necessary information on COVID-19 in order to make this informed decision on how my family could make the biggest and best impact on our country,” wrote Djokovic on his Instagram post.

He added that they had opened “an emergency account through Novak Djokovic Foundation” after receiving calls from several good Samaritans looking to help.

He informed that people wanting to help could donate there.

“I am touched by the generosity that keeps pouring from across the globe with the intention to give back and help in Serbia.

“All the money will go towards the purchase of respirators, medical equipment, and any required supplies like masks,” he clarified.

The virus, which reportedly broke out in China’s wet market late last year, has now spread globally killing nearly 53,300 people at the time of writing.

‘Life is all about giving’

The world no-1 tennis pro, who adopted a plant-based lifestyle because he couldn’t bear seeing animals suffering in the name of food is currently in lockdown in the southern Spanish city of Marbella.

Continuing his message in the video, he thanked China for its “tremendous help and support,” and also expressed his gratitude in being able to use his platform to reach out and inspire others to do good.

“I am fully aware of how much this crisis has impacted everyone on all fronts.

“I am very proud to be an athlete in these times, among many greats who have come forward to bring people together at a time when we are apart – to bring hope, community, and inspire others in the same way to use our platforms for good. This is what life is all about – giving,” he concluded.

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