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TikToker sparks debate for letting vegan friend eat a macaron

TikToker sparks debate for letting vegan friend eat a macaron
Image: @lilibilifili/TikTok

“Always tell us, we are vegan for a reason.”

A TikToker has been slammed for not stopping her vegan friend from eating a macaron, which  normally contains eggs.

According to user @lilibilifili, whose first name is Lili, her friend looked ‘so happy’ when trying the delicious French pastry for the first time that she didn’t have the heart to stop her.

The TikToker recorded the clip after her friend asked a macaron shop employee if the treat was dairy-free and because he said yes they assumed it was vegan.

Lili added that she did wonder if eggs were considered dairy at that point because she knew that macarons contain that ingredient,  but she didn’t share that with her oblivious vegan friend.

Another reason to hold back, Lili explained, was that she was nervous to tell her friend about this treat, something she mentioned in the caption: “Bestie I’m afraid to tell you this.”.

The voice-text on the 10 second clip read: “My friend who is a vegan of six years is eating a macaron for the first time and looks so happy I don’t want to tell her.”

The video which has racked up more than 1 million views and thousands of comments has however sparked a furious debate over whether or not the TikToker should have informed her friend that the treat wasn’t vegan.

‘Always tell’

“That’s not funny, some people are vegan by religion it’s sad that you’re letting you’re her make that mistake and destroy all her hard work,” one user said.

“Always tell us, we are vegan for a reason,” another added.

“I’m not sure why people like you can’t just respect people’s diets,” a third commented. “You’re [sh**ty] for not telling her she’s vegan if she’s vegan.”

However, others sided with the TikToker and didn’t find anything objectionable about how Lili handled the situation.

“Why are you all telling her that she’s being a bad friend? I would’ve done the same. The other girl just looks happy,” one user said.

“Cheat days r ok too,” another added.

“Y’all are being Karen’s it’s not like it’s gonna be the end of the world,” a third user chimed in.

In response to one comment, which urged the TikToker to tell her friend and record her reaction, @lilibilifili revealed that she did end up telling her friend that the macaron wasn’t vegan and her friend took the news rather well, all things considered.

Lili also told the Independent that when her friend found out about the macaron, she was unfazed.

“The video was just as a memory of her eating her first macaron and after that, I started thinking if eggs were dairy,” Lili explained.

“She didn’t react badly. All I said was, ‘wait, are eggs dairy cause I think macarons are egg whites,’ and then we were like ‘oh no’ and giggled about it. But it’s okay she laughed it off and doesn’t think it “ruined” her veganism she just tries her best to be vegan!”

Do you think it was okay for the TikToker to pull this on her friend and not tell her about the macaron?

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