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Bakery group Oggs teams up with Macpac for eco-friendly food trays, picture of oggs cakes and recyclable tray
Image Credit: OGGS

Oggs has collaborated with packaging designers and manufacturers Macpac to launch 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Oggs, a UK based bakery company tasked Macpac to manufacture a range of eco-friendly packaging using food grade recycled PET containing 100% recycled material that was not only 100% biodegradable but also safe for the products throughout their shelf life.

Salted Caramel OGGS cakes in packaging
Image Credit: OGGS

Biodegradable PET

According to Macpac, 50% of standard PET ends up in the landfill where it takes centuries to disintegrate despite being fully recyclable, On the other hand, Macpac’s BreakdownPET degrades completely within a decade as it is made with materials that serve as a ‘ready meal’ for micro-organisms that are able to break down the polymer chains of the material at a faster rate.

Recyclable PET cake tray from OGGS and Macpac
Image Credit: OGGS


Apart from being producers of the world’s first patented liquid egg substitute, Oggs’ mission it to provide ‘plant-based alternatives to everyday foods that taste as delicious’ while ensuring that each process of its supply chain is ethical and cruelty free.

Speaking on the collaboration with Macpac, Oggs CEO Hannah Carter said: ‘As a business our focus has always been on creating a product that is friendly to the Planet, Animals and People and weren’t prepared to compromise on our packaging.

“Despite being told by several packaging companies that food grade packaging made from 100% recycled material was not achievable, Macpac took up the challenge and worked with us to achieve food trays that are not only made from 100% recyclable material but is also 100% biodegradable in landfill’.

What else can food companies do to reduce plastic wastage? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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