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Delice de France launches vegan pies

Delice de France launches vegan pies
Image: Delice de France

Bakery supplier Delice de France has announced an extensive vegan range including two scrumptious new vegan pies to help retailers cater to the growing demand for meat-less and healthier choices.

With Veganuary days away, bakery specialist Delice de France, formerly Aryzta, has launched a complete vegan range comprising pies, cakes, slices, breads, croissants and rolls.

Each of these innovative recipes was awarded the coveted Gold Star at the 2019 awards, as judges marveled at Delice de France’s dedication.

With food trends in the UK witnessing a paradigm shift with more and more people choosing plant-based alternatives for health, environment, and ethical reasons, Paul Maxwell, Marketing Manager, Delice de France said: “The statistics speak for themselves; vegans and vegetarians look set to make up a quarter of the British population in 2025, with flexitarians – those who will regularly but not exclusively choose meat free options – making up just under half of all UK consumers.

“It’s crucial, therefore, that any viable plant-based options don’t represent a compromise. We’re confident that our vegan range, including these indulgent new pies, will be loved by everyone, no matter their dietary preference.

“I urge operators looking to capitalise on the ‘Veganuary Effect’ and carry on profiting into 2020, to get in touch today and try our class-leading range for themselves.”

Bakery releases

Of the several vegan delicacies unveiled, the new vegan square pies for the company’s convenience channel hot food-to-go range are touted to be mass favourites.

The Fake & Ale pie comes stuffed with steak- style strips, baby onions and cooked in a vegan ale sauce, while the Saag Mangalore pie blends cauliflower, spinach, chickpeas & lentils in a delicious and spicy aromatic sauce.

The pies are priced between £3.95 and £4.50 depending on the region.

Other star products within the range include Delice de France’s Great Taste Award-winning indulgent Lemon, Chia Seed & Pistachio and Chocolate Cookie Loaf Cakes, alongside a Vegan Sausage Roll.

Growing demand

According to Veganuary’s 2019 survey, an estimated 350,000 people are expected to partake in Veganuary 2020, up from 200,000 in 2019.

Elsewhere, in a report released by Kantar UK Insights 2019, the UK meat-alt market is estimated to grow to £658m by 2021.

Based on food reports, current food trends and a growing demand for vegan options, Jenny Bayliss, sales operations director at Delice de France said: “The growing demand for free from bakery products means there’s never been a better time to review bakery offerings to tap into growing consumer trends

“From Meat-Free Monday to the rise of Veganuary, plant-based diets have taken centre stage as consumers look to reduce or remove animal products from their diets. The growth of those interested in vegan or meat reduction diets looks set to continue, and with it there’s an increased expectation to see more vegan options widely available across all categories.”

 Will you try the vegan options offered by Delice de France? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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