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Earthling Ed gives powerful TED Talk to counter all arguments against veganism

Earthling Ed Gives Powerful TED Talk To Counter All Arguments Against Veganism
Earthling Ed gave his second TED Talk. Image: Ted Talk

Vegan activist Earthling Ed has given a typically powerful speech to counter every argument against veganism.

The prominent speaker and campaigner gave his second TED Talk, this time under the community-focused TEDx format, at the University of Bath earlier this year.

TED Talks feature expert speakers from across the world who discuss education, business, science, technology and creativity.

Blocks to veganism

In the speech , which is now available to view online, Ed talked through typical blocks to veganism in society.

He discussed people’s problems giving up cheese, and the argument that ‘other animals eat animals, so why can’t I?’.

“These are a selection of the things I used to say when someone said the word vegan to me, but I also used to say that vegans were crazy and that no one should ever go vegan. But now I am vegan,” he said.

Ed goes through all his old justifications for not being vegan, starting with ‘personal choice’.

“Interestingly yes, it’s our personal choice whether or not we consume animal products, in the same way that it’s our personal choice to abuse a dog,” he said.

“To imply that it’s a morally justifiable to use animals because it’s a personal choice would mean that every action that we make as humans must also be morally justifiable, because every action is a personal choice. But those choices have a victim,” he said.

“If it is a choice, then why would we choose to be cruel?”

Watch the full speech in the link below.

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