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McDonald's is reportedly launching vegan burgers UK
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McDonalds’ has had the vegan burger in the pipeline for a while, insiders report.

Fast-food giant McDonald’s is reportedly planning to launch new vegan burgers in the UK.

The exciting news has been revealed by Instagram account Vegan Food, who shared an image of Maccies’ reported new product featuring a Beyond Meat burger patty.

The apparent marketing flyer from McDonald’s describes its new vegan burger, which features a patty from Beyond Meat as ‘100% McDonald’s taste, 0% meat’. The material further reads that ‘everyone should enjoy a delicious burger without compromising on taste’.

According to the food group, the new burger will be vegan certified and will have the patty served in a sesame bun with tomato, lettuce, pickles, onions, vegan mayo, ketchup, mustard, and a ‘slice of vegan cheese’.

While the account has posted the image, it clarified that there has been no official announcement from McDonald’s yet and this image was photographic evidence from insiders.

McDonald's is reportedly launching vegan burgers UK
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Vegan McDonald’s

This new product, if McDonald’s decides to go ahead, will mark the fast-food chain’s second collaboration with vegan food start-up Beyond Meat.

McDonald’s first teamed up with Beyond Meat in September 2019 to launch a veggie burger in Canada.

After trialing the burger called “P.L.T.” or “Plant Lettuce Tomato,” at 52 locations in January this year, the food giant took the burger off the menu by April with no updates on whether it planned to get it back at a later date.

Beyond Meat expansion deals

Meanwhile, US based Beyond Meat is aggressively expanding its supply channels in the global market.

It has signed a new deal in the U.K. with popular and well-established British grocery chain Sainsbury and 41 Gourmet Burger Kitchen restaurants to roll out its plant-based meat products in these outlets.

“The UK continues to be a crucial part of Beyond Meat’s long-term growth strategy in Europe,” Chief Growth Officer Chuck Muth said.

Stateside, the Beyond Burger products will now be available at over 2,400 Walmart outlets.

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