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Reebok to debut its first plant-based running sneaker
Image: Reebok

Reebok has unveiled a new sustainable performance shoe that ditches petroleum-based plastics for all-natural materials.

Reebok is set to release its new ‘Forever Floatride Grow’ shoe, which is an eco-friendly version of its award-winning Forever Floatride Energy sneaker.

The new plant-based sneaker has a cushioned midsole made from castor beans, while the upper is naturally biodegradable made from eucalyptus. The sock liner is made from Bloom algae foam and the rubber outsole has been sourced from real rubber trees.

“With Forever Floatride GROW, we’re replacing oil-based plastic with plants,” said Bill McInnis, Vice President, Reebok Future.

Reebok to debut its first plant-based running sneaker
Image: Reebok

 “The biggest challenge in making a shoe like this was developing plant-based materials that could meet the high-performance needs of runners. During the three years we spent developing this product, we heard loud and clear that the idea of a plant-based running shoe resonates strongly with serious runners. But those same runners felt just as emphatically that they would never compromise on performance. The Forever Floatride GROW is the result. Plant-based performance – with no compromise.” 

Sustainability goals

The new product adds to Reebok’s successful Cotton + Corn lifestyle collection, cementing the brand’s commitment to replace petroleum-based plastics in footwear with plant-based materials.

The brand’s efforts to become more sustainable focus on two criteria: [REE]GROW, which aims on creating products from naturally sourced materials and [REE]CYCLED, which aims on creating products with recycled or repurposed materials. Reebok has also committed to eliminate polyester entirely by 2025 and reduce the use of virgin polyester.

Reebok to debut its first plant-based running sneaker
Image: Reebok

“The earth is a runner’s arena, and we have a responsibility to help detox the world for the athletes who run in it,” said Reebok’s brand president Matt O’Toole.

“Our Cotton + Corn collection was the first step in making shoes from things that grow. Now, we have taken an award-winning running shoe, the Forever Floatride Energy, and reinvented it using natural materials to create what we feel is the most sustainable performance running shoe on the market.”

 The plant-based sneakers will debut in the brand’s fall 2020 collection at select retail stores and on the brand’s official website.

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