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TV stars save 90 dogs set for slaughter in South Korean meat farm
Image: Jean Chung / For HSI

Two TV dog experts and volunteers have saved 90 dogs from being killed for the dog meat industry in South Korea.

Veterinarians Victoria Stilwell and Marc Abraham joined the Humane Society International’s team in South Korea to successfully rescue 90 pups that were living in squalid conditions on a dog meat farm.

The rescued dogs will now be flown to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for adoption.

Abraham has been instrumental in banning puppy farming in England, Scotland and Wales by campaigning for Lucy’s Law, which prohibits selling puppies under six months of age. 

Speaking to The Mirror, he said: “I’m really in awe of the resilience of these beautiful dogs.

“They endure miserable lives in squalid conditions with just the bare minimum to keep them alive, and no veterinary care whatsoever, and yet so many of them still wag their tails and jump with excitement when shown the slightest bit of affection.

“Any factory farm for dogs is a hellish place, be that for the pet trade or the meat trade, and HSI’s program is making a massive difference here to pave the way to end this cruel industry for good.”

Stilwell admitted she couldn’t believe what she witnessed at the farm and the trip has been an eye opener for the team.

She said:  “It’s been a real privilege to join the Humane Society International’s team in South Korea and see their dog meat farm closure program for myself.

“I’ve seen all breeds of dogs here suffering the same, kept in filthy cages with no environmental enrichment whatsoever. It’s little wonder that they seem so desperate to escape. The agreement that HSI reaches with the dog farmer truly is a lifeline for these dogs.”

“The agreement that HSI reaches with the dog farmer truly is a lifeline for these dogs,” she added.

Dying Meat Trade

Since 2015, HSI has managed to convince fifteen dog farm owners in South Korea to give up the trade and shut down their farms.

 40-year old farmer Kwon Tae-young had been planning to close his farm as the dog meat industry is no longer profitable in South Korea.

He explained: “I’ve thought about closing my dog farm for a while now for various reasons, but never actually did anything about it. I have lost more money on this dog farm than I have made, and I feel like the dog meat industry in South Korea has already ended really because it’s the worst of the worst times for dog farmers I think.

“One day I talked to a former dog farmer who had worked with HSI and he recommended I work with the charity to help me leave the dog meat industry. When I heard that HSI would help find forever homes for the dogs instead of them being euthanized, that’s when I decided to do it..

“Rather than selling them off to traders, I thought it would be so much better if they can live their life and not die for meat or live the life of a fighting dog. That is why I’m working with HSI.”

What do you think of HSI’s efforts to phase out dog meat farming in South Korea? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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