Video of rescued baby goat's first chance to play in a field proves they're no different from your pet dog | Totally Vegan Buzz

Video of rescued baby goat’s first chance to play in a field proves they’re no different from your pet dog

Rescued baby goat freely enjoying its first chance to play in a field
Image Credit: @julianasfarm/ Twitter

For most animals born into the life of a slaughterhouse, their fate is pretty grim. 

Destined to a world confined to small spaces and pretty quickly becoming someone’s dinner, many animals may never even get to experience their natural habitat of a green, grassy field.

But for some their fate can drastically change, and when those moments of freedom arrive they are truly beautiful. 

None more so than for 8-month-old baby goat Chandra Aurora, who was saved by Juliana’s Farm in Colombia.

The farm claims to be the only animal sanctuary in the country, and the owner posted on Twitter to reveal the pure joy of their new resident when first experiencing the natural world.

Chandra is pictured bounding through the grassy field, jumping for joy, and the sanctuary couldn’t be more happy for their new friend. 

They tweeted: “Say Hi to our new resident Chandra Aurora, she is sweet, crazy and she just wants to have fun, like a kid in the world. Dairy and meat industry reproduce animals to satisfy human’s tongue. This 8 months baby was about to be reproduce with her father! Insane! #vegan #lovegoats.” [sic]

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