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Vegan TikToker roasts Gordon Ramsay for eating meat & he mocks her in response
Image: @ThatVeganTeacherTikTok / Facebook (Left) and s_bukley / (Right)

Gordon Ramsay’s video trolling the vegan TikToker has garnered over 42 million views.

A video by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay in which he mocks Miss Kadie- a popular vegan TikTok star known as ‘thatveganteacher’, has gone viral.

The outspoken chef often roasts home cooks in his TikTok videos.

Last November, Miss Kadie shared a song she wrote and performed specifically for Ramsay berating him for eating meat and urging him to go vegan.

The lyrics of her song are: “Eating animals is wrong, Gordon Ramsay.

“Hurting animals is wrong, Gordon Ramsay.

“Share this song, Gordon Ramsay.

“And if you call me a vegan doughnut, that’s fine  as long as you’re vegan from now on.” 

This week, Ramsay finally replied to the call by posting a duet video in his classic #RamsayReacts style, where viewers get to see Ramsay on one side of the screen, and the original video on the other.

While a typical Ramsay response has the chef verbally hurling abuses on the recipient, he in this video remained mostly silent. 

In the clip, he sits listening to Miss Kadie’s while munching on lettuce and just as the video ends, he spits the lettuce out, calls Miss Kadie a “vegan doughnut”, and proceeds to feast on a beef burger.

Ramsay’s incredible response has garnered more than 42 million views.

Go vegan

This isn’t the first time, the 54-year-old star chef has been urged to ditch animal products.

Last year, vegan charity PETA wrote a letter to Ramsay after hearing that he had been laying off several of his staff members amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The charity requested he ‘lay off animals, not staff’.

In the letter, PETA quoted Gordon’s comment stating that ‘vegan is on the rise – we’ve got to adapt’. The charity urged Ramsay to think about the future and how society will want the world to be when this pandemic is over.

The letter added: “This is a great opportunity to put your creativity to use to help secure the future of the planet and all who call it home”.

Despite not advocating the diet, Ramsay has been adding several plant-based options to his restaurant menu – including breakfast alternatives and a Sunday roast.

This Veganuary, the chef also added a “beet wellington” to the menu at his Bread Street Kitchen restaurant in London.

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