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Alpro’s vegan double chocolate mousse launches in UK supermarkets

Alpro's vegan double chocolate mousse launches in UK supermarkets
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The plant-based food brand’s latest offering is already available at Tesco.

Plant-based giant Alpro has launched Double Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Ganache at Tesco, Vegan Food UK reports.

The food account recently shared a picture of the vegan treat, with a caption that reads: “This is a thing of dreams, nice one @alpro.”

Alpro’s newest product has been met with excitement on social media, with one person writing: “Holy macamoly, just when you think you can’t get any luckier.”

“Might just invest in shares in alpro at this point,” added anpother.

“I’ll take 1794 pots! @alpro,” a third one wrote.

Veganuary campaign

The food brand has also teamed up with Costcutter Supermarkets Group (CSG) to launch a campaign helping retailers boost sales of vegan products in January.

The campaign is running until 26th January and features a series of downloadable recipe cards and shopping lists from Costcutter’s website and a consumer quiz to help them find the right recipes.

On completing the quiz, shoppers stand a chance to win one of 10 Nutri Bullets or an Alpro hamper. The winner will be selected through a prized draw

The supermarket is also offering a full range of Alpro drinks at £1.25 throughout this campaign.

 “Our integrated campaign embraces Veganuary and the continued growth in demand from shoppers for fresh, healthier foods,” Sean Russell, CSG marketing director, said.

“Staying healthy and having a positive attitude are more important than ever at the moment and our online quiz gives browsers the opportunity to find the right recipe for their mood.

“They can download the recipe card, complete with shopping list and instructions – and log in at any time to take the quiz again.”

David Jiscoot at Alpro said: “Convenience stores play such a vital role in their local communities and continue to take the lead on ensuring that shoppers have healthy, tasty, plant-based food and drink right on their doorstep.”

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