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Dumbo Actress Eva Green Hates Animal Circuses Because She Wants ‘Animals To Be Happy’
Image: Disney and Wikimedia Commons

Actress Eva Green has spoken out against the use of animals in the circus because she ‘wants animals to be happy’.

Green plays a leading role in Disney’s remake of the 1941 classic Dumbo, which was released today (March 28).

To coincide with the movie’s release, Green was interviewed by Tass, and asked if she visited the circus as a child.

‘I always felt a bit sad’

“I went a couple of times. It is always very impressive and the acts are amazing, but I always felt a bit sad, probably because of animals,” she said.

“As a child, you probably cannot explain why. Maybe you heard that story about elephant Tyke in Hawaii that went bonkers, killed her trainer, because she was stressed out. Or Black Fish, the documentary about orca. They are going insane when they are in captivity.”

The remake of Dumbo has been heralded as having a pro-animal rights message by critics.

Green continued: “So I think it’s wonderful that the movie is standing up for animal-free circuses. We should only have humans, like Cirque du Soleil – such a wonderful, beautiful circus. This is magic! You want animals to be happy.”


There has been speculation about Green’s diet in the past due to her vocal support of animal rights.

In 2016 Mind Food asked if she was a vegetarian, to which she replied: “Yeah, almost a vegan. I cheat sometimes but I’m a vegan, yeah. Very Hollywood.”

In her role in Tim Burton’s remake, Green plays a trapeze artist at a circus owned by Max Medici (played by Danny DeVito).

Medici appoints two children (Nico Parker and Finley Hobbins) to care for Dumbo but ruthless entrepreneur Vandervere (Michael Keaton) seeks to exploit Dumbo for his huge ears in his own show.

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