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NEW plant-based Rebel Whopper released by Burger King in Brazil

NEW plant-based Rebel Whopper released by Burger King in Brazil

This meatless patty produced by meat giant Marfrig will be on the menu in 58 stores in São Paulo from September 10th.

After launching its plant based – Impossible Whopper – in all of its 7,200 US stores last month; Burger King has decided to trial a plant-based patty by the world’s largest producer of animal-based hamburgers – Marfrig Global Foods SA.

Although plant based, the patty is said to taste and feel just like its beef counterpart – thus earning it the title of ‘Rebel Whopper’ and will be available across outlets in São Paulo, Brazil.

The International chain spokesperson said, ”The brand will assess public acceptance, then evaluate product expansion.”

On partnering with Burger King, the CEO of Marfrig Global Foods- Eduardo Miron stated, “We want to give consumers the power of choice. They are the ones who decide. The plant-based burgers will complement Marfrig’s product portfolio and be distributed through all our market channels,”

Earlier in July, the fast-food giant also launched two plant-based options: Rebel Whopper and the Rebel Chicken King in Sweden with a marketing campaign that invited customers to distinguish between the plant-based alternatives and their animal-based counterparts. The brand authorities had declared that even their staff struggled to tell the difference between the two burgers.

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