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Owowcow launches 3 vegan ice cream flavors and milkshakes

Owowcow launches 3 vegan ice cream flavors and milkshakes
Image: @owowcow / Instagram

The artisan ice cream company has launched its new OWOW(NO)COW Vegan Ice Cream line for customers demanding dairy-free options.

Owowcow, a Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania chain, is out with three flavors of vegan ice cream that contain no dairy, eggs or honey.

Founded by John Fezzuoglio in 2009, the company has sought to hand craft super premium, free of commercial additives ice cream “using the finest local organic and natural ingredients.”

In a bid to cater to the growing demand for dairy-free ice cream the artisan creamery spent 6 months and tested 25 batches before it was able to perfect an 11-ingredient recipe that matched the company’s bespoke decadent textures and flavors.

Finalising a base of cashew, oat and coconut cream, the company debuted the flavours at a store in Easton.

The flavors include:

Vegan vanilla salted caramel- “A delicate vanilla & handcrafted vegan salted caramel ice cream.”

I hate vegan chocolate-“ A rich dark chocolate ice cream with swirls of vegan fudge.”

Vegan golden milk- “A warming turmeric elixir turned vegan ice cream.”

Customers were thrilled to hear about the new “OWOW(NO)COW Vegan Ice Cream By Hand”,  on social media.

“Aaaaand you have a new customer!!! Thrilled to hear this!! Looking forward to stopping in with my (vegan) family!!,” wrote one icecream lover.

“You just made my milk and egg allergic kid incredibly happy @owowcow!!! Thank you! ♥️,” added another.

In a following Instagram post, the company also announced that it sells vegan milkshakes.

The brand wrote: “Vegan milkshakes! We make them. ? Turn any of our Owow(no)cow vegan flavs into a creamy dreamy milkshake using deeelicious (two-ingredient!) cashew milk from @elmhurst1925.”

“Love this!!! And thank you for choosing a cashew milk without a bunch of junk in it! ❤️,” read one comment.

“OMG, this changes EVERYTHING!!! While ice cream doesn’t bother me, milk DOES! And I miss grabbing a milkshake on a nice day. So excited to grab one of these ? ??,” wrote another excited customer.

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