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200 british school will serve plant based meal
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‘These sustainable initiatives not only help with protecting our environment by reducing waste, they keep costs low too’

The Aberdeenshire Council is set to introduce more plant-based food in all of its nurseries, primary schools, and secondary schools.

The decision is part of a slew of other actions the council is about to implement in an effort to enhance the health of pupils and become more environmentally friendly.

According to The Press and Journal, the council’s education and children’s services committee met recently to discuss measures the catering service is taking to become more sustainable and resource-efficient.

Some of the steps include swapping 40,000 paper menus in favour of sharing menus online, which will result in a dramatic reduction in the council’s overhead costs and carbon footprint.

A new app is also being developed where academy pupils can pre-order their meal, which in turn will speed up food service and help in food waste management.

Students have also been encouraged to ditch plastic crockery and cutlery and use water stations or reusable bottles to reduce plastic waste.

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‘Sustainable initiatives’

“It is very pleasing indeed to see our school catering service is very much in line with the current move towards sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of doing things,” said Gillian Owen, Aberdeenshire Council’s education and children’s services committee chairwoman.

“These sustainable initiatives not only help with protecting our environment by reducing waste, they keep costs low too.”

Confirming that only fresh local produce is used to cook pupils’ meals, committee vice chairwoman Rosemary Bruce added: “Parents and carers should be in no doubt that the highest possible quality meals are served to our pupils so that they can do their best in the classroom.”

The Aberdeenshire Council provides education to some 38,500 pupils in 86 nurseries (and 79 private and voluntary partner provider pre-school centres), 150 primary schools, 17 secondary schools, and four special schools.

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