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Suspect lured seagulls into parking lot with popcorn and ran them over

Suspect lured seagulls into parking lot with popcorn and ran them over
Image: Laurel Police Department / Facebook

Police in Maryland, US are appealing for information after discovering a shocking case of animal abuse.

Officers reported an incident in which an individual lured seagulls into a parking lot with popcorn and then purposefully ran them over. 

Police revealed the horrific scene at a parking lot in Laurel and appealed for help to find the perpetrator. Officers responded to a report of animal cruelty at the Laurel Plaza Shopping Centre.

“Upon arrival, officers observed a group of deceased seagulls all in extremely close proximity to one another,” authorities revealed in a statement. 

“Through investigation, officers learned that a suspect had purchased a bag of pre-popped popcorn from the Dollar Tree. That subject then emptied the bag of popcorn in the parking lot intentionally luring the group of seagulls. 

“The subject then proceeded to run the group of seagulls over with their vehicle, killing at least 10 of the birds.”

The suspect then fled the scene, and anyone who witnessed the killings is urged to contact police. 

Animal rights activists responded with fury to the report, and welfare group PETA has offered a $5,000 reward for any information which leads to an arrest. 

After being called to the scene, Laura Wilson of Laurel Police told FOX 5 DC: “I was shocked. I heard the call come out through our dispatchers, and you have that moment and you’re like, is this really a call? Am I going to this right now?”

“And I get there, and the sight of it is worse than it came out on the radio,” she said.

Only one bird survived the ordeal but was left badly injured, so Wilson transferred them to a cardboard box, poked breathing holes and took the seagull to a nearby animal sanctuary. 

Anyone with information about the alleged crime is asked to call 301-498-0092 or email [email protected].

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