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What this butcher says about World Meat Free Week will stop you in your tracks

What This Butcher Says About World Meat Free Week Will Stop You In Your Tracks
Image: @worldmeatfreeweek / Instagram

Since you’re reading this piece, we’re making the reasonable assumption that you’re already on board at least with the idea of going vegan, if you’re not already vegan and proud and have been for years (hurrah! We salute you, friend).

Or maybe – just maybe – you’re here to scope out what it’s all about. Why the noise around veganism? What’s the big deal? Does it really make a difference? Well, in our opinion, it truly does in many ways, and there are myriad reasons that even reducing the amount of meat and animal products you eat is also a good thing.

This week is World Meat Free Week. We know that to some that can sound scary. Vegan is still a challenging idea for a lot of people, and a life without meat can seem unnatural/ unappealing/ not worth it to a few. But the guys behind World Meat Free Week are here to educate and inspire people to review what they’re consuming and consider reducing their meat intake, if not abandoning it all together.

As for those of you who are already established in the V-gang, major fist bumps at you. We don’t want to come across as sanctimonious self-congratulators, because no one likes smug people. BUT we know we’re making a difference – for the animals, for the environment, and for our health – and we really hope we can inspire others to give vegan a go.

We’ll leave you with this amazing vid courtesy of World Meat Free Week: watch how this butcher has seen the light and is paving the way toward his own meat free world. Happy WMFW, y’all!

Find out more about World Meat Free Week over on their website and get hashing with #worldmeatfreeweek

Are you participating in World Meat Free Week? How so? How do you go about educating people about their animal product consumption? Leave us a comment below!

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