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Colgate launches two vegan toothpastes in recyclable tubes
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Oral care brand Colgate has launched two toothpastes made with animal free ingredients and packed in recyclable tubes.

 One of the world’s popular dental care brands, Colgate, has introduced its vegan-certified toothpaste line Smile for Good that features two cruelty-free toothpaste products in recyclable tubes and cardboard packaging.

The toothpaste priced at £4.99 is available in two varieties: Whitening and Protection, and will be shelved across UK and EU supermarkets and retail stores such as Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Boots and Superdrug. 

The products are accredited by the Vegan Society to certify that the ingredients are vegan and not tested on animals.

Announcing the registration on its Vegan Trademark Instagram account, the Vegan Society mentioned that Colgate’s new vegan toothpastes “contain just a handful of simple ingredients and both the tube and cardboard packaging are both recyclable.

Addressing customers’ concerns about promoting Colgate, a non-cruelty-free company, on a vegan forum, the group said: “We register individual products not entire ranges, this allows us to work with companies to encourage change.

“We register individual products against our standards of no animal ingredients and no animal testing. This product is not tested on animals ?.”

Traditional toothpastes on the market often contain ingredients such as animal-based glycerin; calcium phosphate extracted from bone char; fluoride, a byproduct of the pesticide industry; and bee-derived products like propolis, which makes achieving the vegan trademark an important step for Colgate as major brands in the grooming industry and other sectors are increasing their efforts to become more ethical and eco-friendly.

Recyclable tubes

The toothpaste packed in recyclable containers is part of the brand’s goal to achieve 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.

The tube uses high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a recyclable plastic used to make milk bottles.

 The brand has adapted the material after figuring out “how to combine different grades and thicknesses of HDPE laminate into a tube that meets recycling standards”.

According to The Grocer, Noel Wallace, CEO and president of Colgate-Palmolive said: “(We want) to make tubes a part of the circular economy by keeping this plastic productive and eliminating waste.

He added that if other companies also started using the same material, it could lead to a major reduction in plastic waste.

“If we can standardise recyclable tubes among all companies, we all win. We want all toothpaste tubes – and eventually all kinds of tubes – to meet the same third-party recycling standards that we’ve achieved. We can align on these common standards for tubes and still compete with what’s inside them.”

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