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Declan Donnelly considers going vegan after noticing Simon Cowell’s health transformation

Declan Donnely considers going vegan after noticing Simon Cowell's health transformation
image credit: Britains Got Talent

Impressed by Simon Cowell’s health transformation since the music mogul transitioned to a plant based diet, TV host Declan Donnelly has spoken about his temptation to follow suit and go vegan.

Cowell has spoken about feeling fitter and healthier since ditching animal products earlier this year, and his appearance on Britain’s Got Talent has impressed the host.

Declan said in an interview with the Daily Star: “Simon’s looking good,

“He’s gone all vegan… vegan shepherd’s pie, vegan sausages, what’s that about?” 

“Is that the secret? I’ll have to look into that!”

The Humane Society International (HSI) UK has offered Declan a free vegan cooking masterclass through its Food Forward program to help him ease into a vegan lifestyle.

“Choosing to eat vegan is positive for your health, for animals, and the planet and Declan is right to be impressed by the results,” Harriet Barclay, Media and Campaigns Manager at HSI UK, said.

Simon, 59, shed 20 pounds after adopting veganism, which he turned to following advice from his doctor after falling down the stairs due to low blood pressure.

Other celebrities who’ve turned Vegan in recent times include Benedict Cumberbatch, Ellie Goulding, Ariana Grande and the Queen’s granddaughter Princess Beatrice.

What impact can celebrities like Simon Cowell have on the vegan movement? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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