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Peaky Blinders star, Harry Kirton, still works in a vegan café
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Harry Kirton may look convincing in the role of Arthur Shelby Jr’s son Finn who develops a massive cocaine habit in the hit crime drama, but his real life is in stark contrast.

A self professed vegan, Harry told, “I have a lot of passions that aren’t just acting. I like to write, I’m vegan, I’m working at a vegan cafe because I love what they’re doing. I want to eat good food, and I want to talk to people.”

“I still do part-time work, you know, I like to keep in sync with the world that we live in because acting is a very… you know, you’re pretending a lot and your headspace is in this area and that.

“At the end of the day we’ve all got to pay rent and we’ve all got to do real things.”

Kirton has been acting since the age of 13, but rather than becoming a full-time actor, the young star of the hit BBC One show enjoys serving coffee in a Shoreditch café.

Working in a vegan café serves two purposes for Harry; he gets to prep for his upcoming scenes by observing people, and it keeps him grounded much to his father’s delight.  

“My dad always keeps me in check. I don’t live with him and we have a great relationship, but they always keep me in check,” he admitted candidly.

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