Ricky Gervais Mocks ‘Mental’ Reaction To Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll: "There's No Anus In This!" | Totally Vegan Buzz

Ricky Gervais Mocks ‘Mental’ Reaction To Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll: “There’s No Anus In This!”

Ricky Gervais Mocks ‘Mental’ Reaction To Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll-There’s No Anus In This
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Ricky Gervais has launched into a hilarious rant about the hysterical reaction to the launch of the Greggs vegan sausage roll.

The UK comedian was being interviewed by Lad Bible, and was questioned about his famous social media presence.

At the start of the year, UK bakery chain Greggs launched a vegan version of its popular sausage roll, much to the disgust of meat eaters.

The response by Greggs’ social media team became a viral sensation, and led to the company achieving record turnover.


In the interview Gervais was shown a portion of one of his tweets earlier this year and asked what he described as ‘PC gone mad’.

The comedian responded: “It’s obviously me taking the p**s out of an outrage, yeah?”

Lad Bible then revealed the full Tweet, which read: “I heard that staff at Greggs are holding fat people down and forcing them to eat lettuce.”

Gervais then launched into a hilarious rant about the public’s reaction to Greggs’ product launch.

‘There’s no anus in this’

“They brought out a vegan sausage roll and everyone went mental. Like they had to eat it, like it was compulsory,” he said.

“It’s the pastry you like anyway, you know what I mean? There’s no real meat in the meat ones.”

Gervais then pretended to be disgusted by eating a vegan sausage roll, and spit it out.

“‘Eurgh there’s no anus in this!’ F****** hell. ‘This is Quorn’,” he joked.


Gervais has been an outspoken animal rights activist for many years and has been repeatedly rumoured to be vegan.

He even revealed this month that he ate vegan fish and chips on his latest Netflix show After Life.

In 2018 Gervais won the Humane Society International’s first ever ‘Cecil Award’, a prize named after Cecil the Lion who was trophy hunted by an American dentist, causing global outrage.

The comedian has used his platforms to raise awareness for Cecil’s death, dog adoption, the fur trade, animal testing for cosmetics, the international dog meat trade and bullfighting.

During the interview with Lab Bible, Gervais was also asked what the think is his most favourited tweet of all time.

The answer was the activist’s articulate comment on February 3, which was liked 66 thousand times and read: “If you don’t believe in free speech for people you hate, fear and disagree with, then you don’t believe in free speech.”

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