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Ricky Gervais
Image: Ricky Gervais on Twitter

Ricky Gervais has promoted a petition urging the UK Government to revoke permission for a beagle breeding centre for animal testing.

The comedian took to Twitter to support the petition against a new site in Hull.

His tweet has been shared thousands of times and helped the petition reach 20,000 signatures, meaning it will receive a response from Government.

Any petition on Parliament’s website which reaches 100,000 will be considered for debate by MPs.

The petition is titled: “Revoke permission given for beagle breeding centre in Hull for animal testing.”

The author claims: “It is a facility for the breeding of beagles for dissection and animal testing while alive. They are bred for experimentation.”

Gervais’ tweet was promoted by many animal lovers. Actor and animal rights activist Peter Egan wrote: “Let’s all get behind this a get to 100K quickly. Cheers everyone.”

Twitter users replied with images of their pets to show support for the petition.

Gervais regularly promotes pro-animal welfare messages on social media, and has encouraged his followers to adopt rescue dogs rather than from breeders.

And last month he condemned horse racing after three horses died at the Grand National.

And earlier this year he launched into an explosive rant condemning animal testing on live radio.

The petition can be signed here.

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